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Pasadena Sports Camps 2021

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If your son or daughter love sports, consider a Pasadena Sports Camp this summer. In general, there are two different sports camp categories. Campers can choose either a sport-specific or Multi-sports camp program. Sports-specific programs expose campers to an immersive camp experience in just one sport. In a multi-sports camp, they enjoy a wide variety of sports. In either case, campers receive expert instruction from counselors, coaches while improving their skills in sports they love with other kids their age.

Does your child love sports? Choose a summer sports camp in Pasadena!

What to Look for When Choosing a Sports Camp

When picking a sports camp, we highly suggest including your child in the decision-making process. Research shows kids enjoy camp more when they are involved in picking their own camp. There are many different types of sports camp opportunities in and around the Pasadena area. Many of the best Pasadena sports camps are listed below. When you find one you like, contact the camp director to ask questions and learn more.