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Pasadena Specialty Camps 2021

Campers at performing arts camp
Photo Credit: Michael Heller

Acting camp? Sewing camp? Beach camp? Robotics camp? No matter your child’s interest, there’s a specialty camp just for them

Specialty summer camps are the fastest growing segment in the summer camp industry. Kids and teens interested in a particular theme, subject or activity should consider a specialty camps experience this summer. If your child loves acting, a performing arts camp could be just the ticket. Campers who love sports could choose a sports specialty program. There are cooking camps, surfing camps, photography camps, science camps, and camps that specialize in programs and activities for just about any other theme, subject or activity you can think of. We even know of a surf camp in Pasadena for kids who love surfing. No matter your child’s interest, there’s a Pasadena summer camp program specializing in their specific area of interest just for them.

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